Thursday, October 1, 2009

Despite being fallen by illness, the Yarn Crawl team has made great progress in planning the inaugural event.

We have been in contact with vendors that are graciously helping to sponsor the event. What this means is that it will cost the attendees nothing. It doesn’t get any less expensive than that! Some vendors have promised goodies for the raffles. We are hoping to fill our raffle chairperson’s condo with all kind of fiber stuff!

The local yarn stores are thinking about what demos they will offer. Village Yarn on East Rochester will have spinning classes going on and also a shawl on a loom. I have never seen someone work on a loom so now I am trying to figure out how I can visit while I am helping run the event…..

The best news is that all 4 stores will be offering a great sale on their yarn. We are not telling yet but it is between 19% and 21%. (Read between the numbers!)

In the next few weeks we will information at the shops with more specifics and should have the passports available too. Don’t worry if you don’t get one before the 14th, they will be available that day too.

Check back here as we will have updates every week.

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